Degree Thesis: Historic gardens and PV in Trieste

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Milano (CE)

Degree Thesis in Architecture “The Conservation Project of Casa Jelinek: a Case Study under Historic Garden Frame” discussa da Li presso il Politecnico di Milano.  

Collaborated with Elena Lucchi from EURAC Research, the Politecnico di Milano master degree thesis ‘the Conservation Project of Casa Jelinek: a Case Study under Historic Garden Frame’, associated with the heritage residence of court gardener Anton Jelinek in the historic garden of Miramare Park (Trieste, Italy), has passed the evaluation by the academic committee on 22nd July.
This thesis presents the conservation of landscape architecture in the historical garden of Miramare Castle in Trieste. More specially, the thesis consists of a proposal for the sustainable restoration of Casa Jelinek, including the preservation of the main building and the restoration of the annex using a Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system for on-site renewable energy production.

The conservation project analyses the architectural, horticultural and monumental significance of the Habsburg regime. The site’s development illustrates the changing demand for space and the adaptation of historic buildings through time.
Based on the existing building quality and future management, the retrofit plan consists of two aspects: renovation of the main historic building with minimum intervention, and critical reconstruction of the annexed building through a Building Attached Photovoltaic(BAPV) system. The application of renewable energy in cultural heritage is sensitive due to the visual impact of material change and the loss of historic fabric. But the renovative BIPV products with low reflection and coloured cells mimicking the traditional materials could provide solar energy exploitation with heritage integrity. This thesis aims to showcase the possibility of preserving the historic landscape architecture under current comfort needs and energy demand without diminishing the historic context and balancing the contemporary building with existing historic buildings in design language and technological solutions.


Tutor: Prof. Davide del Curto
Co-tutors: Arch. PhD Elena Lucchi, Arch. PhD Carlo Manfredi, Arch. Luca Valisi
Discussion: 22/07/2022